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Very little of Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball’s gameplay has been shown. Mostly the footage we have seen involves the graphic and sexual appeal of the game’s female cast. However, it does come as a surprise that DOAX does have surprisingly good gameplay (if a little on the shallow side) but also works well as, of all things, a life simulator!

Those used to the DOA series will be taken for a ride. DOA veteran Zack (voiced by Dennis Rodman with a strange accent) announces that he will be hosting the fourth tournament on his own private island. Using winnings that he obtained during a lucky night at the roulette tables, Zack wins it big and spends $100 billion to purchase his own island, which he (not surprisingly) names Zack Island.

When the tournament begins, however, only the female participants are present (no Jann Lee, no Hayate, no Hayabusa, no guys anywhere, except the host Zack), and the girls are all there not to fight, but to settle their differences on the beach playing volleyball.

DOAX takes place over the course of 14 days (each save is listed as a vacation). During each day, up to three events can take place: either playing a game of volleyball (7 points, win by 2, no side outs), playing a minigame which involves jumping on floating pool pillows (a good way to practice utilizing the pressure sensitive controls), or talking with other girls (possibly earning another partner).

The volleyball mode is actually pretty good. It may be very simplistic, but with the use of the controller’s pressure sensitive buttons, there is a sense of strategy implemented as well. (This is why the pillow minigame comes in handy).

Winning matches, in addition to successful plays, will earn Zack dollars which can be used in three different stores: the Sports shop used to buy new swimsuits, the Accessory shop for headgear, footwear, and other items, and also the Zack of All Trades store which offers unique little knickknacks that can be traded. These items can either be used by the player or could be made as a gift.

This is where the life simulation part takes over. In order to make your partner happy (or obtain new partners) you will need to pleasure her with gifts that she will like. The more gifts that the recipient likes, the better your chances are of making her happy.

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