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Back in 1992, Todd Mc Farlane created a demonic cartoon named SPAWN that launched a successful line of comics and collectables and a moderately successful feature film in 1997. Spawn Armageddon was then released to console players the world over, and the responses have been genuinely favorable.

The game puts players in control of Spawn as he fights with his hands and a dazzling array of weapons over 25 levels and 60 sublevels of mayhem.

The story follows an assassin who returns from Hell following his death and embarks on a campaign of brutal justice in defiance of the instructions given to him from the underworld. It seems that some Fallen Angels are trying to endanger the world and Spawn is determined to stop them.

Using an axe as the standard melee weapon and the impressive chains that can be unleashed from his body, Spawn is up to the task. There are also a number of weapons that can be used ranging from rocket launchers to guns that can reduce enemies to scrap in a matter of moments too.

If you are a player that really likes to let loose, then I suggest using some of Spawns powers which can be recharged during the game via powerups. The ability to use your cape to glide as well as the hooks also helps with some of the platform areas of the game, but the focus of this game is mayhem and blood and there is a lot of that in this here.

The game is not very long and most enemies are easily overwhelmed by the firepower and abilities of Spawn leaving you lacking much of a challenge. I also found the locales to be fairly generic. Once you have been to Central Park, for example, you have no desire to return and this greatly hampers the value of the game as without multiplay, it’s simply a one shot quickie game as it can be completed in four to six hours. The A.I. is also suspect in parts as enemies do not present much of a challenge and seem more than happy to stand toe to toe with you, even though they have zero chance of killing you in that manner.

The game graphics are simply above average except when it comes to the monsters, as they are well modeled and very detailed. The Violator, Cy-Gor and The Redeemer all appear and look very good in the game.

The music, sound, and voice acting the game is good and makes Armageddon easily the best Spawn experience to date and will delight fans of the series. That being said, if you are not a hardcore fan of Spawn, then you are likely to see Armageddon as just another third person shooter and with little to demand your attention.

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