Road to Boruto DLC adds content to Naruto Shippuden

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Hey all I’m back with a review for the DLC to Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. It’s my Road to Boruto Review!

Check out our original review of the game, which earned 4 out of five GiN Gems!

Plot: I won’t cover the plot synopsis in this review, as it would be super spoilerific. The plot itself covers the Boruto Movie that released a couple years ago in Japan. It’s not the most amazing story, but those who are going to be interested in this DLC are already going to be huge fans of the franchise.

Gameplay: The gameplay is essentially the adventure mode that you play after beating the story mode of the main game. It covers a bunch of familiar areas, but it also has some new places. That all being said it’s not really all that different from the main game, so if the main game was boring to you, so will Road to Boruto.

Art: The art is still just as good, although there are a bit less of the epic fighting scenes, they are still present.

Music: If you played the main game you’ll find not much different.

Overall: For those who already loved the main game, Road to Boruto will be a fun addition. Those who weren’t happy with it will still not find anything to make them change their minds.

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3 thoughts on “Road to Boruto DLC adds content to Naruto Shippuden”

    1. Just go to the PS4 store and search road to boruto and you will find either the 6.99 Next Generations Pack or the 19.99 Road to Boruto pack pick the one you want. if you want to play boruto’s tale then buy the road to boruto one. You will not get all the characters but most of them . You can get Konoha11 by buying the Next Generations Pack including Momoshiki and Kinshiki. hope this helps!🙂

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