A PS2/360 Re-invasion with Destroy All Humans

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Destroy All Humans is a re-release of an old PS2 and Xbox 360 game. As such it’s about what you’d expect. The style of the game is supposed to be comedic action adventure, but the humor falls flat in its repetition and the combat gets old after awhile.

The sound and graphics are good, especially for a redo of an old game. Probably the funniest interactions are between the supreme alien commander and the alien you play as he walks around Earth trying to complete missions. Another consistently funny part are the newspaper accounts on Earth after you’ve completed a mission.

Whoop! Whoop! That's the sound of the police!
Whoop! Whoop! That’s the sound of the police!

All in all Destroy All Humans is a pretty short game, coming in around eight hours for a play-through. You can extend that by completing all the side missions, but those get pretty repetitive too, so unless you’re a super completer, you’ll probably want to skip most of those.

The depiction of the earthlings as all being mouth-breathing idiots or idiotic authority figures gets old too. It’s not that a little of that can’t be funny, but it’s pretty much a one note joke through the whole game. Also, in one of the early missions, you’re instructed to find the dumbest person you can, hypnotize them, and bring them to the saucer for probing. The person you have to choose is a beauty queen and the dialog around probing her isn’t funny at all. It’s creepy and sounds a lot like gleeful rape speech. Along those “hilarious” lines are that one of the weapons is an anal probe that, when used at full blast, blows the human’s head off.

These guys are just mad because they always lose at XCOM.
These guys are just mad because they always lose at XCOM.

I’m not squeamish, and I play a fair number of games that involve just walking around killing people, but if that’s going to be the game play it should either be a cartoon or it should be realistic like Call of Duty. The in-between state of Destroy All Humans just seemed creepy and gross after awhile, but not in a good way.

Couple that with uninteresting combat and a short game and the whole thing fell pretty flat for me, which is too bad. I had high hopes from the opening sequences and the first mission, but then it was just more of the same, which seemed like not such a great deal for $20. If you’re interested in checking this one out, I recommend waiting for a sale, unless you are a diehard fan wanting to play this one again on a brand-new platform.

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2 thoughts on “A PS2/360 Re-invasion with Destroy All Humans”

  1. It sounds like you are reviewing the remaster as it is a brand new game, never before released. This is literally porting the original game to a new system with graphical updates, why would the game need to be reviewed like this? Again, it is a remaster, if you are going to review it, compare it to the original and say it is worth the money based on remastered changes, not the actual content of the game…

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