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Series Conquering Hidden Object Genre

Once again Awem Studios manages to take simple concepts, in this case point-and-click and hidden objects, and turn them into a completely compelling game. This lets Letters From Nowhere 2 continue to be one of the highest scoring game series for hidden object players.

Letters from Nowhere 2 returns us to Audrey’s quest to find her husband Patrick, who has disappeared. It turns out Patrick is just the most recent in a long line of disappearances, as the plot thickens.

In the first Letters from Nowhere, Audrey is helped by a ghostly mail carrier, who returns in this game to help Audrey find the solution to the dire mystery surrounding this mystery.

There is a connection to a nearby town, a local legend and even the neighboring college. This time Audrey is seeking the pages of the diary kept by the ghostly mail carrier’s father, the first person to try and solve the disappearances.

The game is fairly simple after that. As Audrey, you go to various locations and find hidden objects listed in a box at the bottom of the screen. There are additional objects you can purchase by accumulating points.

The objects either help you find other objects or give you bonus points when you find them. In addition to that, each location has a black cat and three stamps that are worth bonus points.

Find enough black cats and you open the unlimited option for playing against the clock, which offers more opportunities to earn trophies. As you play, you find more diary pages and the secret behind the disappearances unfolds.

This is not a complicated game. It’s basic hidden object, point and click fare, but despite that, it’s compelling.

There is a serious creep factor here. Awem went all out on the sound effects and music. They get under your skin and really add to the experience of playing Letters from Nowhere 2.

The story gets creepier and more sinister as you play, and the ghost is really pressuring you that time is running out for Patrick.

Standard play doesn’t really have a time limit, but it feels like it does. One of the reasons the game is so compelling is the graphics are beautiful albeit static. I found myself completely engrossed, just as I was with the first Letters from Nowhere.

The sequel is just as engaging as the first one and another win for Awem Studios. This game is affordable, fun and compelling.

Perhaps the most satisfying thing about the game is the ending. No cliffhanger this time, which I really appreciated.

As before, if you’re playing on a laptop, Letters from Nowhere 2 is a huge battery hog. That said, if you liked the last one or like hidden object games in general, run don’t walk to download it now.

Letters From Nowhere 2 earns an astonishing 4.5 GiN Gems, and blazes a trail that other hidden object games will want to follow, but probably won’t.

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