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[Editor’s note: The following is a narrative review of some of the things everyone can experience in the new Destiny: The Dark Below DLC, which adds more amazing story missions to the main game, as well as new, more powerful gear and equipment, and the ability to level up to 32.] {Author’s Note: I did this as a narrative review to exemplify the fact that Destiny does have a rich compelling story, if you take the time look for it.}

I wake up one morning to a message from my boss John, a Titan. He says that he wants me to go check out this newcomer to the Tower named Eris. I send him a quick message back saying I’ll do it, and strap on my Prime Zealot gear I earned with my clan of Guardian friends in the Vault of Glass and put my trusty Achlyophage Symbiote on my head. After donning my Mantle of Gheleon earned with sweat, tears and a bit of blood in the last Iron Banner tournament I grab my weapons and head out to check out this Eris.

Eris is a creepy looking woman, and while I don’t mind shooting the breeze with her I want to know why she’s here. She tells me that the God of the Hive is waking up and that I need to go out there and stop it. I ask her to point me where.

Eris might be creepy, but she means well. Plus she’s voiced by Morla Gorrondona, so that’s a big plus for her dance card.

I fly out to Old Russia near the lair of the House of Devils, and when I land I pull out my recently acquired Vex Mythoclast and proceed to tear through mountains of Fallen and Hive.  I spot a new type of Wizard, Eris called it Omnigul I think, and proceed to unsling my Supremacy from my back. My ever loyal sniper rifle is locked and loaded and I fire upon this new foe from afar, but sadly she runs away.  I proceed to track her through the Refinery and the RAS-2 bunker where Rasputin, the Warmind is housed. All the while I’m fighting through waves upon waves of Hive enemies that Omnigul is summoning to block me from reaching her. She gets away, but not before I stop her from destroying Rasputin. I go back to Eris and she sends me off to stop the Hive from reviving Crota’s soul. After coming back from that she asked me to wipe the Hive presence from Old Russia, a task I gladly accepted.

These Hive don’t mess around. Good thing we don’t either!

Ghost has been silent the entire time, knowing that I’m displeased with him at the moment. It’s really not his fault I just find his voice displeasing and he won’t bother Master Rahool, everyone just calls that guy Troll, to find a recording of the legendary entertainer John of Cleese from the Pre-Golden Age to copy for his voice modulator.  Nonetheless it’s a welcome silence from his usual chatter.

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I receive a message from two of my clan mates after I finish the last of the Hive in Old Russia, they’ve found Omnigul and need my help to finish her off.  Thankfully Craig, a Warlock, has a Fatebringer he found from the Vault of Glass to destroy the more powerful Knights we will certainly encounter on the way to her lair. Chris, another Titan, leads us in a quick prayer to our god RNGesus, “Our Father, who art RNGesus. Fickle be thy nature. Thy drop rate rise, the crap drops cease in our Raids, as well as in our Strikes. Give us this day our daily legendaries, and forgive our disbelief, as we forgive Guardians who dismantle Raid gear we need.  Lead us not to Shaders, but deliver us Exotics. For thine are the game mechanics, and the power, and the blame. For ever and ever, Amen.”

Now you taste true power!

Chris lays down his Ward of Dawn granting me and Craig more powerful ammunitions through a blessing of the Light and we finish off the accursed Omnigul and we all cheer! We quickly rush over to her corpse to see what treasures she dropped for us. I came away with a new sniper rifle, Craig a scout rifle and Chris got a heavy machine gun.  We all curse the ever fickle god RNGesus loudly and profusely.

Chris lets us know though that he’s overheard of a way to find more treasure in the depths of Crota’s End and we quickly set off to try our luck one last time before heading back to the Tower for the day.

Win or lose, fighting alongside friends is what makes Destiny amazing.

Sadly Chris is the only one to come away with something worthwhile, a new SUROS Regime, which is incredibly frustrating to me and Craig after we spent nearly 30 minutes dying over and over again trying to reach this chest in the pitch black darkness of Crota’s End.

I send another message to John, letting him know that he and everyone he knows needs to come listen to what Eris has to say at the Tower. New adventures await and my Legend is just beginning to grow!

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