Crazy Local Multiplayer Carnage in Nidhogg II

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Hey all I’m back with a game made for local multiplayer, a true rarity these days. It’s Nidhogg II!

Gameplay: Your goal in Nidhogg II is to defeat your opponent, then dash quickly towards the edge of his side of the arena. There are multiple weapons, from daggers to bows, and each is a bit different. What isn’t different is the fact that you can throw your weapon at your opponent, although they may very well dodge it, leaving you weaponless.

Thankfully that isn’t a huge problem as there will more than likely be multiple weapons lying around that you can pick up quickly from both you and your opponent gutting each other repeatedly.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the entirety of Nidhogg II. It’s really made for multiplayer and if you just play against the CPU it gets boring very quickly.

Art: The art is okay, and while it has its own very unique style and “charm,” it’s not amazing artwork like you’d see in a Final Fantasy game or even a Tales of game.

Music: This also isn’t really noticeable when you are playing, but then the point of the game is being played with multiple people at one time, so you are unlikely to notice the music if you actually do that. If you actually listen to the tracks from various artists, there are some interesting tunes.

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Overall: A decent game, but it’s meant for only a short time to play. Multiplayer may extend that time, but even than it will get boring quickly.

For those who like: Fighting Games, Easy Game Mechanics, Multiplayer, Oddball Art Styles.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or a game that could get boring very quickly, especially if you don’t have a lot of people to challenge in local multiplayer.

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