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Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 is realistic in its simulation of performing maintenance within a car repair shop, and balances customer service management with the act of diagnosing vehicle problems in a time restricted manner. But for me personally, the game dropped quickly into the zone of tedium and coupled with awkward rotational controls, left me unenthused after the first few car repairs.

I knew I should have picked up a wrench instead of a controller.
I knew I should have picked up a wrench instead of a controller.

The goal of the game is simple: quickly and accurately repair as many vehicles as possible. Customers come into your shop and their appearance is time limited, so even before you select a customer, the time that they will spend in your shop is slowly ticking away. Some customers will provide a reason for why they are there by saying things like “My tires need to be checked” or “I think my brakes need to be replaced,” which makes for a quick and easy visit. Some customers however are not so helpful, which requires the user to dismantle and perform diagnostics on each part of the car (of which there is a large and very detailed amount) until the damaged parts are found and replaced.

A mechanic's best friend.
A mechanic’s best friend.

The graphics overall were impressive in their realism, but since I get stressed taking my car to an auto shop in real life it is hard for me to appreciate realistic depth of anything if I don’t enjoy the realism of it to begin with.

The music I found enjoyable somehow, if not necessarily appropriate. Usually I associate mechanic shops with the sounds of country music or heavier arena-style rock; instrumental ambient electronica, not so much.

However, if you find yourself to be the kind of person who enjoys learning about or tinkering with the inner workings of a car then this is definitely the game for you! But sadly, please consider that this may be dumbed-down for the car expert or mechanically minded individual. There is no direct tool usage involved, instead the process is entirely focused around the press of your finger. And each car while possessing different exteriors miraculously maintains the same chassis. Isn’t the frame and engine of a sedan altogether a different beast from that of a pick up truck? Fundamentally, probably not, but they do look somewhat different.

Check it out and feel free to leave a comment or two in the box below.

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