The Truth: A Great Read with Liar’s Bargain

Pathfinder Tales: Liar's
Bargain: A Novel
Tim Pratt

Hey all I’m back with the latest entry in my favorite thief and talking sword adventure series! It’s Liar’s Bargain, Book 03 of the Rodrick series, by Tim Pratt!

Plot Synopsis: For charming con man Rodrick and his talking sword Hrym, life is all about taking what you can and getting away clean. But when the pair are arrested in the crusader nation of Lastwall, Rodrick faces immediate execution, with Hrym spending the rest of eternity trapped in an enchanted scabbard. Their only hope lies in a secret government program in which captured career criminals are teamed up and sent on suicide missions too sensitive for ordinary soldiers.

LiarsBargainINSIDEPlot: This book takes Rodrick and Hrym and let’s us relearn how brilliant Rodrick and Hrym can be together. Liar’s Island was more of an adventure, while Bargain is more along the lines of Blade in that Rodrick and Hrym are constantly trying to swindle, sneak and talk their way out of their latest situation.

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Characters: Other than Rodrick and Hrym proving to me that I really enjoy them as characters, the rest of the newcomers in this book were pretty amazing. Eldra and the Specialist (that’s all we ever get to call him) are probably my two favorite newcomers, Eldra because I’ve got a soft spot for female thieves and Specialist because he knows a bit about almost everything, which is something I admire. The rest of the cast is good, but those two took the cake. I’m personally hoping we get to see more of Eldra in the future books, as she makes a great companion for Rodrick and Hrym.

Overall: An excellent entry in a series that’s proving to be one of the best Fantasy series I’ve read in a long time that isn’t written by Brandon Sanderson. Definitely a must read after reading the previous two books.

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