Light-Years From Home Shines for Young Readers of Sci-Fi Stories

Light-Years From Home
Michaelbrent Collings

Hey all. I’m back with another book review from an author I’ve been reviewing for years. It’s Light-Years From Home by Michaelbrent Collings!

By the time you read this, the book may be in stores. It’s currently slated for publishing on Amazon and through other book outlets on June 30th.

Plot: The plot is pretty standard young adult Sci-Fi. While it is somewhat stereotypical, teen(s) get taken by Aliens, and are suddenly extremely far from their homes, it’s not done poorly. That being said it’s not something that really grabbed my attention and held it which isn’t a good thing in my eyes, but I’ll readily admit that a Sci-Fi novel has to really attract my attention to get me interested compared to a Fantasy novel. That and I’ve read so many different stories at this point that it takes pretty good plot hooks to get me interested in any Sci-Fi novel or want to continue reading further entries in the series. That all being the case, Light Years from Home still isn’t bad, it just wasn’t enthralling like a truly great novel should be, at least for me.

Characters: The main characters of Max, Noah, Leya and Chloe are our protoganists, with Max being the one we see the story through. They aren’t bad characters, but they are also teens, and boy do I sound like an old fart, but the teenage angst and drama was just not my thing.

It wasn’t even particularly excessive, but maybe due to my life’s recent stresses I just didn’t want to deal with it at all. It’s probably not helped that I’m getting increasingly stressed because I’m going on a trip and I always get stressed before a trip, but I ‘m going to be visiting family I haven’t seen in four years and I’ll have to deal with my baby sister being nearly a teenager. However for all that I just didn’t enjoy the cast all that much. Maybe in a month or nine I’ll enjoy this novel more, but right here and now I am firmly aware I’m not part of the targeted demographic of this novel, and it’s showing here in this review.

Overall: For young adult fans of Sci-Fi this is probably going to be a great novel, but for older readers like myself they might not enjoy it as much. That’s fine, I’m okay not enjoying every story I come across, but it certainly cast my view of this novel in a different light from most of the readers.

For those who like: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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