More Ghostbusting with Demons are a Ghoul’s Best Friend

Demons are a Ghoul’s
Best Friend
Victoria Laurie

Hello everyone, I’m back with the second entry in the excellent Mystery/Urban Fantasy Ghost Hunter Mystery series! It’s time to go excise the evil with Demons are a Ghoul’s Best Friend by Victoria Laurie!

Plot Synopsis: Northelm Boarding School on Lake Placid has the worst bully of all – a demon by the name of Hatchet Jack. M.J. Holliday, along with her partners Gilley and the handsome Dr. Steven Sable, are ready to send him back to the portal from whence he came.

WhatGhoultoDoINSIDEPlot: The plot of this entry is just as fast paced and excellent as the first book and that’s a good thing. Lots of Urban Fantasy series that have a Mystery component drop it as the series goes along. Ghost Hunter Mysteries hasn’t done so yet and I appreciate that very much.

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Characters: We get introduced to a few new faces, but mostly it’s a reintroduction of a couple characters from the previous book who we saw in one scene only, or that were only mentioned by name. However of the newcomers Bob is probably my favorite. That being said Steven is still my favorite for his continued butchery of the English language.

Overall: This is an excellent sequel while still keeping the mystery in the Ghost Hunter Mystery series.

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