Bobverse Sailing Towards A Splendid Ending

All These Worlds
Dennis E. Taylor

Hey all I’m back with the final entry in one of my favorite Audible Original series. It’s All These Worlds, Book 03 in the Bobiverse series, by Dennis E. Taylor! And be sure to check out our reviews of the first and second book in this fun and quirky series so you know where to start your journey with Captain Bob.

Plot: Being a sentient spaceship really should be more fun. But after spreading out through space for almost a century, Bob and his clones just can’t stay out of trouble.

They’ve created enough colonies so humanity shouldn’t go extinct. But political squabbles have a bad habit of dying hard, and the Brazilian probes are still trying to take out the competition. And the Bobs have picked a fight with an older, more powerful species with a large appetite and a short temper.

Still stinging from getting their collective butts kicked in their first encounter with the Others, the Bobs now face the prospect of a decisive final battle to defend Earth and its colonies. But the Bobs are less disciplined than a herd of cats, and some of the younger copies are more concerned with their own local problems than defeating the Others.

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Plot: This is a really solid final entry to the entire series. While I do hope there are future entries in the universe, because it’s a very interesting universe, it won’t be a terrible thing if there are none. Some series have awesome finishes, others don’t “Cough” Mass Effect 3 “Cough,” but the Bobiverse isn’t one of those.

Characters: We don’t get introduced to many new characters in this entry, but that’s okay. As this is the final entry I won’t say anything about newcomers, but Bill still is my favorite Bob.

Overall: An excellent ending to an amazing series. If you haven’t started listening yet, you really ought to begin now.

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