THQ Nordic Acquires Three New Game Properties

THQ Nordic announced that asset purchase agreements with Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd. and Enigma Software Productions S.L. have been closed. Here is an extract of the acquired franchises and brands: • Sphinx (and the Cursed Mummy); Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd. • War Leaders: Clash of Nations (Enigma Software Productions S.L.) • Legends of War (Enigma Software Productions S.L.) Lars Wingefors, founder and Group CEO, comments, “These are not financially material acquisitions, but due to our love for these types of games they were natural acquisition targets that add up to our portfolio. Moreover, we also got a lot of messages … Continue reading THQ Nordic Acquires Three New Game Properties

Nordic Games Reincorporates to THQ Nordic

After purchasing most of the assets of THQ when it went out of business, Nordic Games is now rebranding itself as THQ Nordic to show its commitment to those titles and properties. The following press release explains the situation. Normally we would rewrite it, but in this case, we think the original text shows the flavor of the company. Text of Announcement: It all started out in Sweden in 2008 as a mini-venture to self-publish such illustrious titles like Dance Party Club Hits, Kart Racer and Truck Racer (just to name a few) on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii. The following year, … Continue reading Nordic Games Reincorporates to THQ Nordic

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