Combat Arms Expands And Gears Up

Nexon America’s popular online first person shooter, Combat Arms has release a new content update that will offer clans a map custom made for faction-on-faction fights. The Slaughterhouse content is now live and free for download at The new map, Slaughterhouse, is set within the bloody confines of a meat packing plant, provides players with the opportunity to put their teamwork skills to the test with clan-on-clan warfare where two opposing teams try to outwit and outgun each other in map’s search-and-destroy mode. Players will have an array of new weapons to take into the Slaughterhouse with them including … Continue reading Combat Arms Expands And Gears Up

Eve Online Launches In Japan

CCP Games and Nexon Co., Ltd., are proud to announce the successful live launch of the much-anticipated localized Japanese version of CCP’s massively multiplayer science-fiction game, EVE Online. EVE Online is well positioned to welcome new players from the world’s 4th largest gaming market with CCP’s own in-house localization system and with Nexon as its pre-eminent local marketing partner. Japanese joins EVE Online’s growing localized selection alongside English, Chinese, German, and Russian-based game clients. In addition to full language support, the launch features a full range of core game services in Japanese including local billing, customer support, an official Japanese … Continue reading Eve Online Launches In Japan

Nexon Docks SS Wonder Cruise On Facebook

Nexon America is inviting all would-be sea captains aboard "Wonder Cruise," a cruise ship simulation game that lets players don a captain’s hat and man the helm as they make their way across the open ocean. Developed by Thingsoft, "Wonder Cruise" is now officially in its open beta phase and is the third title in Nexon’s portfolio of Facebook games. Wonder Cruise plays like a traditional simulation game that also captures the spirit of running a luxury cruise ship. By keeping passengers comfortable and entertained, players can unlock choice destinations across the globe, opening up new and exciting locales for … Continue reading Nexon Docks SS Wonder Cruise On Facebook

Nexon Invests In New Social Media Companies

Nexon Co., Ltd., the global publishing leader of microtransaction-based massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and one of the largest global online entertainment companies in the world, today announced a strategic investment in Six Waves Inc. This investment, along with Nexon’s recent launch of MapleStory Adventures on Facebook, extends Nexon’s strategy of bringing its compelling, immersive gameplay and its pioneering microtransaction-based business model into the rapidly-growing social gaming market. Publishers: Nexon

Nexon’s KartRider Hits The Million Mark

KartRider Rush, Nexon Mobile’s iOS version of the global hit, KartRider, has surpassed the three million download mark, as it continues to add new tracks, carts and in-game deals. Nexon Mobile, a division of Nexon Corp. Ltd., released KartRider Rush in the Apple App store in early March, and quickly saw more than a million downloads within a week. The PC-based KartRider game has more than 200 million registered users worldwide, which, along with the KartRider Rush’s unique game modes, has helped to generate interest in the mobile version of the game. Nexon Mobile has recently updated KartRider Rush by … Continue reading Nexon’s KartRider Hits The Million Mark

MapleStory’s Age of Heroes Update Goes Live

A wave of pandemonium has hit Maple World as the Age of Heroes storms MapleStory. The Age of Heroes is the first in the Chaos series of summer content updates for the 2-D side-scrolling MMORPG from Nexon. Players will now be able to party up and explore the Gate to the Future and its surrounding ruins, which contain mutated versions of low level monsters that may be familiar to veteran fans. These mutants however are much more powerful than their counterparts and will prove to be quite the challenge. Additionally, players can explore the Knight Stronghold, which is filled with … Continue reading MapleStory’s Age of Heroes Update Goes Live

MapleStory Celebrates Six Years

In celebration of its six years of service in North America, Nexon’s hit side-scrolling action MMO MapleStory has rolled out a series of anniversary-themed in-game events and prizes that will take place throughout the month of May. For the past six years, players have consistently enjoyed massive content additions, including new character classes, job roles, challenging zones and sinister boss mobs. MapleStory recently surpassed the eight million player mark in North America, adding to the more than 95 million players worldwide that are currently registered. Maple World saw some of its most drastic changes in the past year with the … Continue reading MapleStory Celebrates Six Years

Shattered Galaxy Breaks the Mold

When I originally heard about the ambitious real-time strategy project from Nexon called Shattered Galaxy, where they would create a massively multiplayer world of perpetual war, I was a bit skeptical. I had visions of one giant tank rush and of overlord players running around stomping every new person to strap on their combat boots. To say I was pleasantly surprised is putting it mildly. Far from the frag-fest I was expecting, Shattered Galaxy actually shows more strategic prowess than most turn-based games. It’s a different type of strategy however than most are used to. You control between six and … Continue reading Shattered Galaxy Breaks the Mold