Freelancer Boldly Goes

For fans of the spaceflight genre, freelancer is probably the most anticipated game of the year. The title follows in the tradition of both the Wing Commander and Privateer series, and is more closely related to Privateer. This is a good thing, since Privateer II remains one of my all-time favorite games. What was so good about Privateer II, and what shows promise in the beta of Freelancer, is the completely non-linear nature of the gameplay. You can play a good guy, taking missions that help the police or the military. Or you can become a pirate and lie in … Continue reading Freelancer Boldly Goes

Impossible Fun

It’s not easy to break the mold, especially in the real-time strategy and shooter genre. You can improve the graphics and sound, but at the core we have not seen anything too new for a number of years. Impossible Creatures does bring new and exciting elements to the table, much to the joy of tired tank-rushing RTS gamers. The two interesting elements are that you can combine real-world creatures in a primitive lab to create just the right behemoths of destruction, and the fact that you have to use real-world creatures and their abilities to do it without the aid … Continue reading Impossible Fun

An RTS with a Twist!

I can hear the cries already "Jeesh, not yet ANOTHER RTS with a twist!" But wait until you have tried this new offering from Microsoft Games and Ensemble Studios before ye judge to harshly. Anyone remember that old classic – Populous? Remember how you had god powers granted based on the number of followers you had? Well, Ensemble Studios has worked this into Age of Mythology quite nicely! What you have is a world dominated by three cultures – Egyptian – Norse – Greek. Each is quite unique and each has their own pantheon of gods with their own ways … Continue reading An RTS with a Twist!

Xbox Live Adds the Human Touch

This week, you can start playing multiplayer games with your Xbox. You will need to have a broadband connection and of course the Xbox Live Hardware from Microsoft. The Xbox live system comes complete with a Setup CD, Communicator headset, and one-year subscription to the Xbox live service. Installation seems easy at first, but does take a bit of time, as you have to fill in a lot of forms using the controller. After opening the box, all you have to do is connect your Xbox to the internet using your broadband connection and then stick the setup CD into … Continue reading Xbox Live Adds the Human Touch

Gotham Racing is Style and Substance

While I enjoy playing driving games at the arcade as much as the next guy, I generally do not like them for the console. Probably the main reason is because I stink at them, and the only reason I did as good as I did on Project Gotham Racing was because the nice people at Radica were kind enough to send me their Gamester Pro Racer Wheel, which pretty much saved this game for me. From the title you would assume, as I did when I ordered it with my Xbox, that Project Gotham Racing is a pure racing game, … Continue reading Gotham Racing is Style and Substance

Siege the Day

There are times when a game is released and everyone in the industry has to take a step back and say, "Wow, how did they do that?" Dungeon Siege is one of those games. Billed as a role-playing game, Dungeon Siege is better described as an action-packed Dungeon romp along the lines of Diablo II, Darkstone and even perhaps the Myth series. But that is about where any type of comparison ends. Dungeon Siege has the same type of elements found in other games, but they are put together so well here, you will swear that you’ve never seen anything … Continue reading Siege the Day

Halo is One Smooth Ride

Halo is a first person shooter (fps) set on and around a ring world of the same name. A ring world, the concept first mentioned in the Ringworld series by Larry Niven, is a ring band, or thin donut shaped world were the cities and population resides upon the inner surface. The year is 2552 and while earth still exists, overpopulation has forced Earth to colonize distant planets. A keystone to this colonization is the planet Reach. Reach is a massive shipyard, and center of scientific and military activity. Thirty two years ago Earth made disasters first contact with an … Continue reading Halo is One Smooth Ride

Zoo Tycoon is King of the Jungle

Been dreaming of building and managing the most spectacular zoo in the world? Dream no more! Microsoft and Blue Fang Games have brought you Zoo Tycoon. In Zoo Tycoon your job is to build exhibits, adopt animals and hire employees to keep up on the maintenance, while keeping the animals and your guests happy. The key to success in Zoo Tycoon is to keep the guests happy and spending their money in your zoo. This means constructing exciting exhibits that resemble each animal’s natural habitat. This keeps the animals happy and playful. Since nobody wants to look at depressed, lifeless … Continue reading Zoo Tycoon is King of the Jungle

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance Serves Up Hot Revenge

Ever have the desire to take command of a BattleMech? Never heard of a BattleMech? In either case you owe it to yourself to check out the latest installment of the MechWarrior line. Yep,this is a continuation of the games based on the FASA board/miniatures game called BattleTech. In case you were wondering a BattleMech is, roughly speaking, a 35 to 50 foot tall, 80 to 100 ton mobile suit of armor capable of speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour and with enough firepower to take on a small city single handedly. Got your interest yet? I should … Continue reading MechWarrior 4: Vengeance Serves Up Hot Revenge

I’ve Been Playing on the Railroad . . .

Let us get one thing straight from the beginning: I love trains. My family has been involved with trains and the railroads for five generations, from my third great grandfather down to my dad. That’s not to say I know very much about trains, but there can be an argument made that it is in my blood. When I discovered that Microsoft had created a Train Simulator, along the lines of their successful Flight Simulator franchise, I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. I would finally get my best chance to test my mettle and see if I had what … Continue reading I’ve Been Playing on the Railroad . . .

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