Nordic Games Acquires JoWooD And The Adventure Company

Nordic Games GmbH, part of the Nordic Games Holding AB group announces the acquisition of the JoWooD and The Adventure Company brands, products and selected subsidiaries. JoWooD and The Adventure Company will become publishing labels within Nordic Games GmbH, with the plan to re-launch the huge back catalogue of games and invest in developing the wholly owned IP’s and franchises, including SpellForce, Painkiller, ArcaniA, The Guild, Panzer Elite, Legend of Kay, The Nations, Safecracker, and Neighbours From Hell, amongst others. Nordic Games GmbH has recently opened its new office in Vienna, Austria. The team members have been carefully selected for … Continue reading Nordic Games Acquires JoWooD And The Adventure Company

Flawed Beauty

When I first started playing Arx Fatalis, I was hoping for an RPG along the lines of Morrowind. I was looking for a huge non-linear campaign world that would keep me entertained for weeks at a time, maybe months. I also wanted sheer beauty, incredible sound and an engaging plot. I guess my sights were set a bit too high. Arx Fatalis is a good game, but it is very short-lived and the many flaws with both the game interface and the mission outlines were constantly competing with my ability to enjoy the game. I ended up playing the game … Continue reading Flawed Beauty

World War 3 Hits Too Close to Home

There is turmoil and chaos in the Middle East again. Sound familiar? No, I’m not watching CNN; I am playing JoWood Productions’ World War 3: Black Gold. World War 3 is a real time military strategy game in which you will control three different military powers. Using ‘real-world’ modern day weaponry, you will take command of the United States army, the Russian army, and the Iraqi army. World War 3 is similar to most real-time strategy games. There are goals that must be achieved in order to succeed and move on to the next mission, and you must build supply … Continue reading World War 3 Hits Too Close to Home