SINoALICE Celebrating Six Months With Player Rewards

Pokelabo Inc. (Subsidiary of GREE) and Square Enix are proud to celebrate SINoALICE Global’s 6-month anniversary of January 1, 2021 with a lineup of celebratory events beginning today, December 28, 2020. New character class “International” features Alice/International and Princess Kaguya/International, available now through January 15, 2021, while limited-time missions and rewards extend into the new year. After maintenance on 2020/12/28 (UTC), a free daily x11 grimoire will be available as part of SINoALICE Global’s anniversary celebrations. Each time players summon from this grimoire, they’ll have a chance to enter a drawing for fantastic, real prizes. Publishers: Gree, Square Enix Developers: … Continue reading SINoALICE Celebrating Six Months With Player Rewards

GREE Platform Adds Four New Indy Developers

GREE, a leading social mobile gaming content and platform provider, today announced partnerships with four North American indie game developers: Enders Fund, Fathom Interactive, Fifth Column, and FreezeTag. The partnerships illustrate GREE’s continued commitment to supporting the indie developer community and growing the worldwide mobile games market. With several game launches on GREE Platform, including HotHead’s Zombie Ace which reached Top 25 on the charts, GREE Platform has already seen steady North American growth. ‘We’re very focused on working with indie talent here at GREE and we’re committed to helping these guys succeed,’ says Eros Resmini, SVP of Developer Relations … Continue reading GREE Platform Adds Four New Indy Developers