F1 2002 is Bood, But Not New

Electronic Arts has always been praised for its great sports lineup. Starting in the Genesis days (when EA was exclusive to that platform) games like Madden and Bill Walsh football ruled the day. Sales were so good for these games in fact, that many believe EA’s support of the Genesis is one of the main reasons that system succeeded like it did. Now though, here in the year 2002, a lot has changed. EA is no longer exclusive to Sega, as Sega no longer are in the hardware business. Further more, EA no longer limits itself to just football games, … Continue reading F1 2002 is Bood, But Not New

EA Awards Us Another Medal of Honor

Finally I have found a PlayStation 2 shooter that dethrones the mighty Red Faction (at least until Red Faction 2 comes out). In fact, I have had interest in playing Frontline ever since I found out that the D-Day invasion made prevalent in Saving Private Ryan and in the previous MOH title Allied Assault for the PC, would be included. Otherwise I thought it would be another title similar to the PS1 MOH games which I admittedly was not impressed with. This time I am. Not only is the D-Day invasion in the game, it is the first mission. Like … Continue reading EA Awards Us Another Medal of Honor

Pirates Rule the High Seas

I started playing Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat on a PS2 and switched over to my Xbox just as soon as I could lay my hands on my own copy of this fantastic 3D adventure game. Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat is a cross between a really good seafaring game and a really great third-person adventure game. And the best part for me was that the controls were almost exactly the same in both modes and over both platforms, so I could switch back and forth. You play as Katarina de Leon, or Kat, the daughter of an … Continue reading Pirates Rule the High Seas

Sid Meier Hits Another Hole in One

Tired of just golfing on your PC? Ever wish that you had the ability to design, and golf on your own links? Then, Sid Meier’s Sim Golf is right up your fairway. In Sim Golf, game players design, manage, and compete on their own golf courses. All of these elements are paramount to your success as a golf course entrepreneur. As you build your golf course from the ground up, you will need money to do so. Customers and competitions bring money in. By creating challenging and entertaining holes you can be sure that your customers will be coming back … Continue reading Sid Meier Hits Another Hole in One

Winning the Medal of Honor

Sometimes reviews are just too easy. Such is the case with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Basically I can sum up my feelings and advice in just three words. BUY THIS GAME. Well, perhaps being the resident World War II expert, I should go into a little bit more detail. This is by far the best World War II game and possibly the best shooter ever created. Coming off of a few weeks of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I thought I had met the ultimate title in this genre. But believe me, Medal of Honor makes Wolfenstein look like Hoyle … Continue reading Winning the Medal of Honor

Getting Some Sim Lovin’

In the not too distant past, I was absolutely addicted to The Sims. In the past year, though, my desire for the game has waned as I have exhausted every conceivable option and action in the game. Then I received the Hot Date expansion pack, and once again I am hooked. This expansion pack is fantastic. There you are. That’s my review, no need to read any further. I am going to write this review assuming everyone reading this has either played or at least seen The Sims. You must live in a cave, if you haven’t done one of … Continue reading Getting Some Sim Lovin’

Final Fantasy X Gets It Together

I HATE FINAL FANTASY! I HATE FINAL FANTASY! I (expletive deleted) HATE FINAL FANTASY!!!!!!!! Ever since dealing with Sephiroth and his repeated 10-minute long Super Nova attacks, I swore off anything related to the Final Fantasy series. As if seeing commercial spots showing poorly animated FMV wasn’t enough, the crappy characters used in following episodes made me sick to my stomach. Do we really need another Leonardo Di-Crap-rio imposer, or another big headed freak that doesn’t do anything but point? Don’t even get me started on that Orko lookalike. I don’t care if his name is Vivi or whatever, to … Continue reading Final Fantasy X Gets It Together

NHL 2002 Gets its AI Back

This review comes on the night after the first Washington Capitals game which I attended. Granted this stupid town is obsessed with Michael Jordan and basketball at the moment. Hey idiots, bear in mind that one player will not help the stinking Wizards. Can you say Deion Sanders? There is no denying that Jagrmania is rich at the MCI Center, as his addition to an already strong defense and killer goaltender might be DC’s underrated saving grace. And if tonight’s 6-1 victory over the defending Eastern Conference champ New Jersey Devils is an indication, I suggest everyone quit looking at … Continue reading NHL 2002 Gets its AI Back

Does EA Sports Care About AI Anymore?

Ever since EA Sports, as well as Electronic Arts, turned their back on Sega and dedicated all their services to the PlayStation2, it occurred to me that they were only concerned about a game’s visual presentation, no matter how poor the actual gameplay turns out to be. I found this out when I tried to play NHL 2000 last year, and was infuriated with the game’s poor goaltender AI and unrealistic collision physics. As a result, I ended up playing Sega Sports’ NHL 2K, a game which I really enjoyed because it had some of the best goaltender AI I’ve … Continue reading Does EA Sports Care About AI Anymore?

Street Sk8er 2 styles on PlayStation

The skateboarding game is a genre that has taken off in the past year, most notably with the release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. And while Street Sk8er 2 doesn’t quite live up to the heights of that game, it does leave you with a frantic, fun experience. Picking from a select group of skaters, you grind through the amazingly detailed and long courses of Washington DC, Moscow, London, Miami, and San Francisco. Five courses may not seem like a lot, but as your skater racks up extra skill points by winning competitions, they can access previously out of reach … Continue reading Street Sk8er 2 styles on PlayStation

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