Eve Online Launches In Japan

CCP Games and Nexon Co., Ltd., are proud to announce the successful live launch of the much-anticipated localized Japanese version of CCP’s massively multiplayer science-fiction game, EVE Online. EVE Online is well positioned to welcome new players from the world’s 4th largest gaming market with CCP’s own in-house localization system and with Nexon as its pre-eminent local marketing partner. Japanese joins EVE Online’s growing localized selection alongside English, Chinese, German, and Russian-based game clients. In addition to full language support, the launch features a full range of core game services in Japanese including local billing, customer support, an official Japanese … Continue reading Eve Online Launches In Japan

Eve Online Pilot Orientation

New video from CCP online that was made to show the flavor of the game. Here a new pilot is reborn as one of the universe’s immortal elite, and is presented with a glimpse of the dangerous and opportunity-filled future that awaits them. Part of a series of linked videos that can be viewed on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=Uc0Xx3MZ4I4 Publishers: CCP Platforms: PC

E3 News: Dust514 To Be Exclusive PS3 Title

CCP and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced an agreement to bring the groundbreaking persistent shooter DUST 514 exclusively to PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system in Summer 2012. DUST 514 is the first console game to link players in real time with a multiplayer universe on the PC, CCP’s award winning sci-fi MMO EVE Online. "The ability for Sony Computer Entertainment to partner with a developer like CCP, known for pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the MMO genre, holds tremendous potential for the PlayStation 3 community," said Rob Dyer, Senior Vice President, Sony Computer Entertainment of … Continue reading E3 News: Dust514 To Be Exclusive PS3 Title

Eve Online Helping Japan, So Can You

The EVE Online community has requested that we begin a “PLEX for Good: Japan” effort to help those currently suffering unimaginable hardship following the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. PLEX for Good is a charitable program initiated by the players of EVE Online that has allowed them to donate in-game currency to be “reverse redeemed” by CCP (through the PLEX system) into real-world currency donated on their behalf to relief organizations. Past drives have assisted the victims of the Haiti earthquake and excessive flooding in Pakistan. To date, EVE Online players have donated over $63,000 USD (over 3600 … Continue reading Eve Online Helping Japan, So Can You

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