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Scodysk’s Double Feature of the Undertale Stream

Hi, I’m Scodysk, also known as Scody, and I’m a variety streamer on Twitch and YouTube! I aim to make a fun and open space for everyone, so if you want to play some party games or watch me struggle through whatever the heck we’re playing this week, hop on in!

This week should be twice the fun as we bring you a double feature, parts three and four of the Undertale adventure. So, let’s dive into part three!

And we have to mention that Scody would like to give a HUGE Shoutout to Hamsterfoods for getting him the game and Maple AKA Tree_Weenie. They worked together to create amazing Undertale X Scody art.

On to part 4!

And stay tuned as the journey continues next week with even more bizarre action!

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