Top Game Character Crushes Revealed

James and Chella are back to Argue the Toss about the game characters they’ve had crushes on. These are the characters they’d moon over in school or write their names in hearts on their exercise books.

With so many character crushes to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to a select

Ezio perfects his Blue Steel
Ezio perfects his Blue Steel

few because Argue the Toss is short and sweet. From  stubbly heroes to buxom gunslingers and everything in between, these are the characters that really hold a special place in our hearts, even after the credits roll.

Grab a listen and see if your favorite character crushes made our list!

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One thought on “Top Game Character Crushes Revealed”

  1. Had a massive crush on Annah of the Shadows from ‘Planescape Torment’. And it turns out she was voiced by Sheila Easton. And she had a tail. What’s not to like?

    Great show


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