Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story charms in most of the right places

If you’re anything like us, when you watch the original Star Wars trilogy, you spend a little of your time enjoying the galactic adventures of Luke Skywalker, a little of your time marvelling at the epic space battles and breathtaking lightsaber duels, and a little of your time dwelling on the nature of good and evil as reflected through the prism of the Force. But aside from those little bits, you spend most of your time howling in frustration and anguish each time Han Solo’s characterisation and past are hinted at, but not fully explained.

“WHAT’S THE KESSEL RUN?” you cry as Han boasts about his ship in Mos Eisley cantina. “HOW DID HE GET THAT?!” you shriek as pulls his iconic blaster from its holster, standing on the ramp of the Millennium Falcon and firing at the incoming stormtroopers. “WHERE DID HE GET THOSE HANGING DICE THAT LITERALLY ONLY APPEAR IN ONE SCENE OF THIS TRILOGY AND ARE REALLY HARD TO SPOT?” you howl as he slides into the Falcon’s cockpit and escapes Tatooine. “WHERE DID HE MEET THE HAIRY MAN?” you wail, now thumping your fists against the outside window as your friends awkwardly close the blinds and hope you go away so they can watch the rest of the film in peace.

Boy howdy, do we have the film for you.


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