Best games of E3 2017

Best Games of E3 2017

E3 2O17 wasn’t a show to end all shows, but the ATTeam still found something to argue about. Drew and Chella have distilled a week’s worth of conferences, marketing bluster and hyperbole to create the definitive best games E3 2017 list.

You can argue with us in the comments, if we’ve failed to mention your best games, but that’s probably because they’re not THE best, as determined by Argue the Toss.

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2 thoughts on “Best Games of E3 2017”

  1. Ubisoft’s half hour Assassin’s Creed presentation (held after their press conference) has convinced me to give it a go when it’s released. I haven’t played an AC game previously (I’m a big RPG fan) – Ubi’s looking to expand their player base & now they’ve got me onboard!

    Those zany Rabbids crack me up – specifically because they’re so zany!!! Love their tv show!!! Life’s too short to be so serious – we need more kookiness!!!

    Ubi had, imo, a neat showing! Now, if we can just get Aisha back for 2018…..!!!

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