Baby Driver

Baby Driver Review

This week the ATTeam have been to the cinema again to see Baby Driver, the new film by noted geek director Edgar Wright. Join them for a post-film discussion all about rock and roll, funk and soul, gender roles and cruise control.

There are two ways to use an iPod. One way is to fill it with an amazing selection of hand-picked tracks and playlists, put your earbuds in, turn the volume right up and use it like a metronome to conduct and choreograph high-octane car chases and visceral, dynamic shootouts. The other is to listen to bi-weekly pop culture podcasts that are supposed to be about videogames but here’s another film one. And out of those two options, it’s easy to see which is the cooler option. Don’t forget to rate us and subscribe on iTunes!

Wait, are we bi-weekly or bi-monthly?

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