Must Play Indie Games of 2017

Argue the Toss Reveals the 7 Must Play Indie Games of 2017

Turning their backs on the glitz and glamour of the AAA, mainstream game release schedule, Drew and Chella wade through the thick forest of indie games. They’ve picked the 7 must play indie games of 2017, saving you the time and heartache of doing it yourself.

Drew’s list is an eclectic mix of space drama, point and click with a heavy dose of 80s nostalgia, all via 1930s cartoons. What can we say, he’s a guy who’s tough to pin down.

Chella’s list veers from horror, through to dark mystery, whimsy and yet more mystery, with a touch of Twin Peaks – because everything seems to have a touch of Twin Peaks these days. Sometimes dark, but always beautiful, these are the indies with style and substance.

Let us know your most must play indie games of 2017 in the comments or @GiNLounge or @ChellaRamanan

Games mentioned:

What Remains of Edith Finch

Cup Head

Night in the Woods

Thimbleweed Park

Hello Neighbor




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