RTS/RPG Hybrid SpellForce 3 Launches for PC

The critically acclaimed RTS/RPG-series SpellForce returns today with a new installment: SpellForce 3 is available as a PC-exclusive title. By combining real-time-strategy and role-playing, SpellForce 3 takes the best from both and blends it together in a unique way. Players will create their own hero, and meet others along their epic journey through the 30+ hours of campaign gameplay. They will construct large bases and muster powerful armies, command three different factions, clash together in multiplayer matches or join forces in the co-operative campaign. The story of SpellForce 3 takes place before the events of its predecessors, telling the tale … Continue reading RTS/RPG Hybrid SpellForce 3 Launches for PC

Steep Road to the Olympics Opens for Free Beta Play

Today, Ubisoft announced that Steep Road to the Olympics’ open beta will be available from November 28 through December 4. The open beta will be available for all players on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system (includes enhanced features on PlayStation 4 Pro), Xbox One (includes enhanced features on Xbox One X), Uplay PC and Steam. The open beta will feature five challenges from Steep Road to the Olympics and free roam in a select area of the Japan map. Players will be able to compete in Downhill and Big Air which are official events at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang … Continue reading Steep Road to the Olympics Opens for Free Beta Play

Horror Adventure Black Mirror Sneaking Toward Release

After announcing Black Mirror during Gamescom this year, the Gothic horror adventure by KING Art Games will be released on November 28, 2017 for PC/Mac/Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. Like in the original graphic adventure trilogy, the Gothic Horror genre and its unique atmosphere of madness and psychological distress remains at the heart of Black Mirror. The point-and-click gameplay of the original trilogy served as the basis for the re-imagined gameplay, which focuses on close-up investigation and interaction with nightmarish visions that plague the protagonist of the game David Gordon. Publishers: THQ Nordic Developers: KING Art Games Platforms: PC, Steam … Continue reading Horror Adventure Black Mirror Sneaking Toward Release

Eight Minute Empire Gets Free DLC

You have only 8 minutes? Perfect! That’s everything you need to play Eight-Minute Empire and check out all the sweet changes we made in the newly released free DLC: • Old Europe map is free for everyone • You can join any room and play online game, even if you don’t have particular map • Added Play Again button for online games • Added timer for synchronous mode • Improved recruitment animation • Fixed full-screen Linux bug • Other minor game improvements Eight-Minute Empire is an official, digital version of the board game under the same name. It is a … Continue reading Eight Minute Empire Gets Free DLC

Elves Invade SpellForce 3

SpellForce 3 blends RTS and RPG perfectly together – one of the pillars of its gameplay is the different factions. In today’s gameplay trailer, the Elves are in the spotlight. Beautiful, proud and warm at first glance, but a look behind the majestic buildings and smiling faces gives another perspective. A racist, remorseless aristocracy hunting down those of different minds. But the spark of a rebellion gives hope for a change. In this new video, the elvish capital of Finon Mir is shown, with a band of renegades fighting Orcs, Men and Elves alike in their search for the truth. … Continue reading Elves Invade SpellForce 3

Bush Hockey League is out now on Steam and PS4

Xbox players, it’s time to lace up your skates… V7 Entertainment are happy to announce that after many long nights at the rink, Bush Hockey League is coming to Xbox One on November 29th for $11.99 USD! Bush Hockey League channels classic arcade style action (NHL 94, Blades of Steel, and Tecmo Bowl to name a few) with an old-school aesthetic from the 70’s era. No helmets, bench clearing brawls, and way too many mustaches to count can all be found in the Bush Hockey League. Since the release of Bush Hockey League in March, V7 Entertainment have been hard … Continue reading Bush Hockey League is out now on Steam and PS4

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