Lovecraftian Sinking City Gets New Gameplay Developer Video

Bigben and Frogwares studio are pleased to release a gameplay video showing A Delicate Matter, a mission from The Sinking City that can be started a few hours into the game. The video shows how the main investigation mechanics work. During this mission, Mr. Throgmorthon, head of one of the leading families in Oakmont, asks Charles to look into a delicate matter: a receiver of stolen art has disappeared just before closing the sale of a valuable item, and Throgmorthon wants it back at all costs. As the investigation unfolds, the player finds out that the story is far more … Continue reading Lovecraftian Sinking City Gets New Gameplay Developer Video

World War Z Reveals Post-Launch Content Roadmap

Saber Interactive, in partnership with Focus Home Interactive, has announced the first phase in its post-launch content roadmap for World War Z, the action-packed co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film. After celebrating more than 1 million units sold in its first week of launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via the Epic Games Store, the World War Z team is moving forward to deliver new gameplay, features and improvements to the game month to month. In May, a brand-new mission set in Tokyo will drop alongside a terrifying zombie type that spits a deadly virus … Continue reading World War Z Reveals Post-Launch Content Roadmap

ANNO 1800 Becomes Top Selling Series Title

Today, Ubisoft announced that Anno 1800, the latest installment from the successful city-building and strategic franchise, is the fastest-selling Anno game to date. In addition, Ubisoft revealed that, during its first week of launch, Anno 1800 was sold four times more than the previous opus Anno 2205 in its first week. Anno 1800 launched worldwide on April 16 on Windows PC. Rich with technological innovations, conspiracies, and constantly fluctuating allegiances, the 19th century is the perfect setting for classic Anno gameplay. Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, Anno 1800 provides players with countless opportunities to prove their skills as a ruler. … Continue reading ANNO 1800 Becomes Top Selling Series Title

Imperator: Rome Available Now

Alexander is dead, and his generals now fight over his legacy and empire. To the east, Chandragupta has established dominion over much of India. To the west, the commercial republic of Carthage and martial republic of Rome are on a collision course for control of their half of the Mediterranean. And, far from the cities of coastal empires, fierce tribes of what the Greeks call “barbarians” follow their own paths. Get ready to dive into the epic conquests and geopolitical drama of the classical world in Imperator: Rome, a new grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio available now for … Continue reading Imperator: Rome Available Now

Frostpunk Sells 1.4 Million PC Copies Since Release

11 bit studios have had an immensely successful run over the past few years and are proud to announce that their hit title, Frostpunk has sold over 1.4 million copies on PC. Recently announced to be coming to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this summer, let’s take a look at how Frostpunk has become one of 11 bit studios’ crowning achievements. Editor’s Note: Check out Frostpunk and their 2019 PC Game of the Year win! A grim society simulator and post-apocalyptic city-builder in one, Frostpunk was released exactly one year ago today, on April 24, 2018. In celebration … Continue reading Frostpunk Sells 1.4 Million PC Copies Since Release

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