Archangel VR Mech Shooter Deploys Worldwide

Following a two-week exclusive debut on PlayStationVR, Skydance Interactive has now made its award-winning first person shooter Archangel available for purchase across all premium VR platforms, including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Starting today Archangel is available for the new price of $29.99, including on PlayStationVR. Within the week Archangel will also debut in new international territories on PlayStationVR, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, and Turkey. Set in a post-apocalyptic America during the year 2089, players will assume the role of Gabby or Gabriel Walker, codename “Guardian,” who is selected by the United States … Continue reading Archangel VR Mech Shooter Deploys Worldwide

CCP Games Announces Full-Body VR-Only Sports Game Sparc

Today, CCP Games is thrilled to announce Sparc, a unique virtual sport only possible in virtual reality. In Sparc, players connect online to compete with each other in fast and fun full-body VR gameplay. Currently in development for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, Sparc will be the first wholly original IP to be shipped by CCP outside of the EVE universe when it releases in 2017. Sparc’s skill-based, full-body gameplay makes for a fast-paced and fun physical sport. Players use their motion controllers to throw projectiles at their opponents from a distance, and in turn defend themselves by … Continue reading CCP Games Announces Full-Body VR-Only Sports Game Sparc

Detached PvP VR Title Heads To Oculus Rift

Being almost at the final stage of Detached development, Anshar Studios is ready to release the game in Early Access version, directly for Oculus Rift devices. Detached is now available on the Oculus Store and can be redeemed directly in a Oculus launcher and virtual lounge. After few months of hands-on tests during the various gaming events (Digital Dragons, Taipei Game Show, Gamescom, PAX West, Casual Connect and others) and receiving useful feedback from Steam users, Detached is finally ready to appear on the Oculus platform. All gamers already owning the device can find the game here: The beta … Continue reading Detached PvP VR Title Heads To Oculus Rift

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