Your Shape Ships For Wii

Ubisoft today announced that its ground-breaking new fitness title, Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy is now available at retail. Leveraging an entirely new, motion-sensing camera peripheral for the Wii system from Nintendo, Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy is the first fitness video game that enables people to experience a comprehensive workout controller-free.

The camera, which is included with the game, provides a completely personalized and interactive workout by scanning players' bodies, assessing their current fitness level and then projecting their images onto the TV. Once the player completes an initial fitness test, the game is able to completely personalize their workout routine to their fitness level as well as their personal fitness goals and schedule. And, with the innovative new motion-tracking technology, the game is able to follow a player's movements as they workout, and guide them in real time so that they know whether or not they're doing the exercises correctly.

Additionally, the in-game workout buddy, Jenny McCarthy herself, will be on hand to provide a fun and motivating exercise experience, while also ensuring that players get the most efficient and effective workout possible. With over four hundred exercises, and Jenny to keep players motivated, working out has never been this interactive, personalized and fun.

Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy has an MSRP of $69.99. The Windows-based PC version of the game, also priced at $69.99, will be available at retail on December 8, 2009. For more information, please visit:

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