World Of Tanks MMO Beta Begins

Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestmail today announced that its brand-new "no-more-elves-and-orcs" panzer MMO action game World of Tanks has gone into the closed beta.

With servers open, the company has started sending invitations to the players who signed up for the beta on the game’s official site. Beta key holders can now activate their keys, download the client and jump into the tense armored warfare.

During the testing period, World of Tanks beta players will be the first to explore the in-game world and thus help the development team detect bugs and address balance issues by providing comprehensive feedback.

"It’s a great and exciting moment both for us and our players, as today is the first time we share the results of our work with them," says Victor Kislyi, producer of the game. "We are looking forward to close cooperation with our community to make sure every single part in the complex mechanism of the game works properly. So don’t wait; just grab a key, choose your tank and get ready to wreak havoc!"

Register for the beta test at:

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