World Cyber Games Speakers Announced

Millions worldwide play their games, but few know their names. The World Cyber Games will gather these PC and video game gurus to share their visions for the future at the WCG 2004 Games Conference. The forum will be held in conjunction with the World Cyber Games in San Francisco on October 7, 2004.

The theme for the one-day conference is "The Next Generation of Multiplatform Gaming." These world-renowned game developers all have global franchises to their credit. Each will lead a discussion on where the gaming industry is going.

David Smith, the force behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, will deliver the keynote address. Other speakers include Bill Roper (WarCraft; StarCraft; Diablo), Tim Train (Civilization; Rise of Nations), Mark Terrano (Age of Empires), Steve Gray (The Lord of the Rings) and Norman Cheuk (Project Gotham Racing 1 & 2). This is the opportunity to hear their visions for the future of the gaming industry from those creating it.

"As the industry continues to grow, this is an important dialogue. It's great to have all the giants of the gaming industry coming together in this forum," said Hank Jeong, CEO of ICM, the organizer of the World Cyber Games.

The World Cyber Games brings 700 champion gamers from more than 60 countries to compete for world titles and prize money. Including prizes from national finals, global winnings for the World Cyber Games are estimated to reach (US) $2.5 million this year.

The World Cyber Games has grown to be the world's largest festival for digital entertainment. More than one million gaming lovers are expected to participate in this year’s online and offline events through WCG national preliminaries.

"Samsung is proud to support the World Cyber Games globally as well as the visionary leaders who bring these games to life," said Chang, Il Hyung, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics. "We are committed to promoting a digital entertainment culture that promotes harmony and fun for the world's youth. This conference is the foundation for such a lifestyle."

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