Wizards Celebrating The Wild Beyond The Witchlight with Packed Weekend of Events

From September 23-26, the D&D community comes together for D&D Celebration – a weekend celebrating the release of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and previewing Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons (Oct 19) and Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos (Nov 16)!

The first official D&D musical? The cast of Star Trek: Discovery rolling the d20s? This year’s D&D Celebration will offer fans a front row seat to watch all that and more as hilarious Dungeon Masters lead adventures in a slate of side-splitting virtual games including:

Disco Does D&D

  • Cast members from Star Trek: Discovery Anthony Rapp, Mary Wisemann, Blu del Barrio, Ian Alexander, and special guest Wil Wheaton, play D&D with Noah Averbach-Katz at the helm as DM

The Circus of Sound – a D&D Musical

  • The long-awaited D&D musical event starring Anthony Rapp, Jason Charles Miller, Azie Dungey, Vico Ortiz, and Mariah Rose Faith with Kelly Lynne D’Angelo as DM

The Slapstick Hunt: A Silly Chase

  • DM Amy Vorpahl leads cast members from The Guild, Sandeep Parikh, Vince Caso, Robin Thorsen, Amy Okuda, and Jeff Lewis on a comedic adventure through the multiverse

The Dungeon & The Dragon

  • An unlikely band of monsters are assembled to help a wronged dragon track down the heroes who stole her hoard with Alicia Marie, Deborah Ann Woll, Todd Stashwick, Patrick Rothfuss, and Matthew Lillard playing as monsters and B. Dave Walters as DM

The Great Dragon Tourney

  • Get ready for a tourney unlike any other featuring dragon jousting, racing, and diplomacy starring Anna Prosser, Mica Burton, Nathan Sharp, Jonathan Indovino, and Kate Welch (in an extra-special role) with Mark Hulmes as DM

The weekend will close with a look to the future of the brand with the Future of D&D panel hosted by D&D’s own Liz Schuh, Ray Winninger, Chris Perkins, and Jeremy Crawford.

The full schedule of events, including virtual gaming and D&D Studio and community led panels, can be found here: https://dndcelebration.com/schedule.

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