Wizardry Online Dragoon Ruins Exploration

In anticipation of the January 30 launch of Wizardry Online, Sony Online Entertainment has released exclusive footage and screens from the game’s latest dungeon, the Underground Dragoon Ruins. Even the most seasoned adventurer will need to be on guard as players are introduced to this high-level dungeon filled with the dangerous traps of the lost Dragoons. These new screenshots and video showcase the dungeon’s bosses, traps and monsters for players who successfully completed their earlier challenges.

Underground Dragoon Ruins Lore

Deep below the Old Sewers, a way has been opened to an ancient site used by the Dragoons. The survey team has found the ruins to be filled with monsters and have called for assistance from the Adventurers’ Guild. Fight your way deep into the facility to find the answers behind these beasts’ appearance and what the ruins were to the Dragoons. Beware, as always, traps set to guard secrets and the source of the corruption causing these fiends to spring forth.


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