Where To Watch Live Streams of the Biggest eSports Competitions

Competitive video gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. The multi-million-dollar business, which is more widely known as eSports, is infiltrating households across the globe. Watching people compete in video games is more immersive and exciting than you might first think. Especially if you’re a budding gamer yourself, the chance to watch the ‘best of the best’ lock horns gives you an opportunity to learn and enhance your own gaming skills.

If you’re yet to watch a live eSports competition in real time, we’ve got your back. Below, you’ll find a list of five of the leading eSports streaming platforms that you can use to watch on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


Twitch has long been a first-rate portal for gamers and it should be your first port of call for eSports streaming. Whether it’s official broadcasts of leading eSports competitions or personal streams from gamers showing a unique perspective of the action, Twitch brings you closer than most other platforms.

Many Twitch streamers have gone on to become eSports ‘personalities’, some of which make big money from their streams and even secure moves to professional eSports teams and franchises.


Discord started out as an online community for amateur gamers to converse and learn from one another. Discord has recently enhanced its ‘Go Live’ streaming portal to enable gamers to interact and screen share with up to 50 people.

There are quite literally hundreds of streaming Discord servers that offer an open door to all kinds of eSports communities and personalities.

Steam TV

Steam is one of the most popular online gaming platforms. It’s a portal where casual gamers can buy and download the latest releases straight to their desktops and laptops. Steam is also heavily involved in games such as CS:GO and Dota 2 that have since gone on to become global eSports behemoths due to them all being Valve properties.

If it’s the eSports tournaments organised and funded by Steam that you’re after, Steam TV should be your first port of call. You’ll get free access to Dota 2’s The International, as well as the biggest majors in the CS:GO scene.


Even the biggest names in the US sports betting industry are starting to take note of eSports’ undoubted potential. BetOnline is one of the few US-based online sportsbooks to offer free live streaming on selected eSports events. There is widespread coverage of the biggest CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 tournaments on desktop and mobile.

BetMGM, part-owned and operated by the Las Vegas giant of MGM Resorts International, believes that 646 million people will watch competitive eSports games live by the turn of 2023. The operator, which also runs licensed real-money casino games to citizens in four US states via its BetMGM Casino platform, does not yet offer eSports betting markets. However, BetMGM stated in its blog on the future of eSports that it will “form [its] own kingdom”, suggesting that it is seriously considering entering that market. Despite this, BetMGM believe real-life competitive sports will continue to “reign supreme in their own way”.


Caffeine is considered one of the ‘upstarts’ of the social gaming scene. It’s attempting to tackle the dominance of Twitch. The brainchild of two ex-Apple employees, Caffeine rapidly received funding of more than $40m to get started. It also secured a big-name streaming agreement with the League of Legends Championship Series via its developer Riot Games in 2019.

Caffeine makes it easy for gamers to stream their own gaming to viewers, as well as cast live eSports events from portals such as Riot Games, DreamHack, FACEIT and Red Bull TV. So, there’s always someone online to bring you closer to the action.

eSports tournaments are gaining in profile and prize money, with sponsors acknowledging the increasingly global audience of the biggest live events.

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