What is RTP in Casino Games and Why Is It Important?


Slot machines are big business in the world of online gambling, and are consistently enjoyed both by new and well-seasoned punters. They’re entertaining, they’re great for novice players to hone their gambling skills on, they frequently offer incredible rewards or bonuses for play, and industries are always improving their slot machine offerings, keeping them as dynamic and technologically advanced as possible.  

If you’re a frequent player on the slots, you may already know what an RTP is. If not, don’t worry, because that’s what this article is here to outline, as well as detailing exactly why the RTP is so important. 

What is the RTP?

There are plenty of RTP live slots to choose from if you want to get your gambling fill. But have you ever wondered what the RTP stands for? RTP is an acronym for ‘Return to Player’. It’s usually calculated as a percentage, and you should be able to find this located next to each slot machine or in the pay table. 

RTP indicates the percentage of the game’s return. Essentially, by relaying the percentage of bets you can expect to win back, it tells you the odds of winning at the specific slot you’re playing. Bear in mind, however, that this number is a calculated average from a high number of spins – anywhere from 10,000 to a million, depending on the slot in general. That’s why, when you play the slots for a shorter period of time, it’s fun and all to play for. If you knew exactly what you would get back and when, the sense of luck and excitement would be seriously diminished.

Experienced players calculate the best RTP average to be at least 95%. What that means is that for every £100 that goes into the slot, the player should get back £95. Remember, though, as detailed above, that this is just an average.

For this reason, the RTP is understood by some gamblers to be more theoretical than anything. The overall RTP is made up by every spin from every player; as such, any money lost by one player will go towards another player’s win. The Random Number Generators of slot machines are what make them so appealing to play, as the mechanism will determine a gambler’s success – or loss.

Why Is RTP Important?

RTP is important because it determines a player’s chance of winning. Slots with higher RTP means there’s a greater chance of winning.

If you’re a gambler who enjoys the long game, paying attention to the RTP can seriously improve your victory rate. Shorter-term players will tend to focus on the bonuses, themes, and aesthetics of the slots rather than the RTP, but there are ways to make the RTP work for you.

Online Slots RTP

There are many myths and stories around gambling, but one that has weight to it is the RTP of online slot machines vs. those in brick-and-mortar institutions. Online slot machines actually offer the best RTP, averaging at higher than 96% compared to a 70% – 90% average for land-based machines. This is because of the overheads of land-based casinos, which have to generate profit via their game offerings. Online casinos, however, aren’t limited by such restrictions.

Now that you understand more about RTPs, you can search out the best slot games with the highest RTPs with more confidence.

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