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What Are the Best Poker Apps of 2020?

If there is one good thing about smartphones and tablets, it is that they allow those with a passion for poker to play easily. There are so many poker apps available, some can feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right platform.

Not only are poker enthusiasts keen to use an app that is easy to use, but it also ensures that any personal information contained within the app is always safeguarded. Of course, everyone can have their own requirements concerning a poker app, so what suits one person will not necessarily suit another.

Reading reviews and listing to friends’ recommendations can be helpful, but those looking for the best poker platforms of 2020 need only consider the following poker apps.


It is not just the winnings of poker that can be alluring, but also the social aspect. As such, some may want to use a poker platform that is always busy, and GGPoker is perfect in this regard. Of course, this is not the only beneficial aspect of GGPoker. As well as holding several poker tournaments throughout the day, there are also several promotions to enjoy on a regular basis.

Downloading the GGPoker app is straightforward, and all versions are available via the download page.


888Poker is another app worth considering for those wanting to make light work of playing poker on the go. Always abundant with ongoing promotions for players as well as incentives for introducing friends and family to the 888Poker platform.

888 Poker is also one of the few poker apps that supports fast-fold tournaments, which is perfect for those that enjoy visiting different poker tables.

There is a desktop site that can be accessed as well as apps available for iOS and Android users which can be downloaded via their respective download links Playing poker on the go has never been so easy.


PPPoker is an app that can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices and allows poker payers to connect with players situated globally. Not a fan of playing poker with online strangers? Fear not, as the PPPoker app will enable members to create a playroom which can only be accessed by friends and family members.

There is also the opportunity to test out your poker face via the use of play money, which can be converted to real money once you are confident using the app.

Poker Stars

One of the reasons that the Poker Stars app is so popular is due to it being home to the renowned World Championships for Online Poker. Those that enjoy the streamlined aesthetic of the poker platform will find the same variants in place on the Android and iOS app.

As Poker Stars can be played on several devices, switching from a mobile to the desktop is effortless and secure.

Although there are hundreds if not thousands of poker apps available for iOS and Android devices, those listed have proved to be easy to use, great value for money and have procedures in place that help reinforce responsible betting.

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