What Are The Best Online Gaming Communities?

Playing games online is something which millions of people around the world love to do. The advances in gaming tech and also modern internet technology have really helped this way of playing flourish in recent years. Obviously, online gaming is the best way of playing with other players, avoiding the hassle of 00’s split screen. This not only makes gaming more social with your current friends but allows you to meet other people who share a passion for the same games.

This has seen communities grow up around most online games. While we may have heard some horror stories about the worst communities for gamers, these are thankfully in the minority. It is much better to focus on the positive and look for online games which have the best communities to join. But which games might this be?

Rocket League

 First released in 2015, this car/football themed title is still attracting plenty of attention. This means it has a loyal and strong online community of gamers who come together to enjoy it. But why is this such a great gaming community to try out?

The major thing here is the warm welcome even the most experienced players give to newbies and the amount of good-natured support you get. Areas outside the game like the subreddit are rife with praise for those hitting the higher ranks – or the hardest technical tricks. The skill floor and ceiling in Rocket League are both fairly high, so newcomers are rarely subjected to the kind of torment seen in games like League of Legends. Rocket League has an enormous playerbase, and is free-to-play, making it even easier to forge some lasting friendships.

Little Big Planet

This is a unique game to play and has one of the best gaming communities online to become part of. As an open world building game, it doesn’t have the competitiveness or violence of other games. While as adults, games like The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante have their place, sometimes the simplicity and charmingly bright aesthetic found in Little Big Planet is what we need.

The game also comes with a community rating system which helps to keep players in line and keep things civil. Factors like this (plus the aforementioned light, bright feel and focus on creativity) really do mean that the community that exists around it online is worth being part of. You should also find the community here very open to answering questions if you come across something you cannot work out.

Rainbow 6: Siege

Although this is more of a frenetic, action style online title, the community of gamers which support it is pretty nice on the whole. Much of this is down to the fact that developers have used community feedback to improve the game over time. This seems to have created a community who feel valued and who in turn are more caring themselves. The co-operative nature of play in this online shooter also helps. This is because it is in everyone’s best interests to give each other a hand and pass on any knowledge they have. Overall, this community is supportive to each other and more interested in having fun when playing online than talking badly to one another.

Online Casino Games

One of the best communities to get involved with revolve around online casino games. A prime example of this is the gaming communities around popular slot streaming channels on Twitch. This sees people like Fruity Slots upload videos of themselves playing online slots or streaming live sessions. This content has become something people have really gotten into over time and which picks up millions of viewers.

Of course, this means that it is a vibrant community to hang out in online and one which has plenty of other gaming fans to interact with from around the world. Another vibrant community is that which exists around online bingo games. Communities like this bring together players to enjoy bingo, try out other fun games and also chat to each other about gaming. As such, they can not only make playing online games more fun but also help you make new friends.

Check out top online gaming communities

 Playing games online is a great way to relax and fill any spare time you have. It really does pay to choose which online title to play carefully first though to get the most fun out of it. The community which exists around any game is definitely worth thinking about. By choosing a gaming community online which is welcoming and encouraging, you will have a much better experience.

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