Weird Worlds Turns Into Board Game

Eat Electric Death! is a tactical space combat boardgame based on the alien
races and starships from Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. Two or more
players each control a flotilla of capital ships and fighters, and duke it
out in the cold, dark arena of Infinite Space.

Remember, in space, no one can hear you scream…except the other guy across the gaming table. Eat Electric Death! combat is brutal and decisive. This is no game for lily-livered space gamers. It's clobberin' time!

Eat Electric Death! is easy to learn. Bookkeeping is kept to a bare minimum. Cool optional and advanced rules are provided, but even so, the overall difficulty of the game is never overwhelming.

Eat Electric Death! features 20 different starships and fighters, including cloakers, carriers, teleporters and a special, very powerful super-destroyer. The game also includes an assortment of challenging scenarios, asteroids, wormholes, a Terran battlestation, the infamous Particle Vortex Cannon and 7 alien races from Weird Worlds: Terran, Garthan, Tan Ru, Zorg, Urluquai, Klakar and, of course, the dreaded Yellow Kawangi.

If you want to be the first in your space sector to own and play Eat
Electric Death! warp speed over to Shrapnel Games for more information, to see game art examples and to preorder your copy. Also note the pre-release special that Shrapnel is offering: Save $7.00 until December 31.

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