Warhound Announced

Techland is pleased to announce that it’s working on a new FPP shooter called "Warhound."

The game puts you in the role of a freelance mercenary, whose job is to intervene in some of the most brutal and precipitous armed conflicts around the world.
You will choose from a number of differing missions, equipment and your character’s development possibilities. During the game you will freely decide what skills of the mercenary you want to improve. The most important features of the game are: many possible ways of playing each mission, a lot of vehicles that you can use on the battlefield and the multiple story line.

"Warhound" runs on the latest implementation of Techland’s acclaimed "Chrome Engine", guaranteeing photorealistic graphics, large open terrains, vastly interactive gameplay and effects utilizng the most up-to-date technologies including DirectX 10 support. "Warhound" will debut in Q4 2007 on the PC and Xbox 360 platforms. The game’s website is now operational – you can visit it at http://warhoundgame.com/. Check out the forums and let us know what you think about the game and what expectations you have. The best ideas can end up in the final game.

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