Wargame 1942 Contest Could Win You Real Military Equipment

Bullets and bombs decide who will be victorious. Will it be you, or will you surrender in utter defeat?

This time it’s just not your ordinary game world ‘ it’s Blitzkrieg; where the rules of engagement have changed. Each war lasts only 90 days, after which a new war will begin! After each 90 day round there will be a reset. Since the war time has been changed; building and research times have been shortened. Each round will come with unique achievements; awarded at the end of the round. You will be awarded for both; Blitzkrieg, as well as for the regular played worlds.

To stir things up a little bit, the 1st ranked player at the end of the 90 days will receive a very special Wargame1942 gaming prize package with all sort of goodies. In this package you will win: a Tritton AX 720 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset, Razer Naga Special Edition Mouse, Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard, Swiss M18 Steel Helmet and a Wargame1942 Dog Tag.

The new Blitzkrieg server will launch on June 6, 2012. The contest begins that day and ends on September 4th.

How To Enter

Each entry consists of a player account on the server Blitzkrieg. [1] To enter, visit www.wargame1942.us [2]create (1) account by following the registration instructions and select the server Blitzkrieg. [3] Only the server Blitzkrieg will be eligible for the contest. [4] All accounts made during the contest time period will be automatically entered. [5] Compete against your revivals to reach the number (1) spot in the game ranking system.

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