War Of The Vikings Offers Early Access

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a practitioner of fletching, has implemented a new phase in the ongoing Early Access program for War of the Vikings, the upcoming close-combat game from Fatshark. New content in the update, which is entitled "Veioimaor" or simply "The Huntsman," will give players a chance to try three new profile loadouts on top of the starting three, including the Champion Class with access to the deadly Dane Axe. Several optimizations and adjustments have also been made as part of the ongoing development of War of the Vikings, which players are now experiencing firsthand through participation in Early Access, with their feedback directly affecting the course of the game.

As a key component of War of the Vikings’ creation, Paradox and Fatshark are working to ensure that players’ in-game Vikings have access to the finest possible beards. This ongoing search for epic facial hair has culminated in the ‘Beastliest and Bestest Beard Competition’ now being held within War of the Vikings’ community. Ambitious beard cultivators may submit their personal grooming achievements to the developers, with the winners’ real-life beards to be added to the final game.

War of the Vikings is available through Steam’s Early Access program now: http://warofthevikings.com/buy

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