Virtual Reality Space Explorer Detached Coming to PlayStation VR

Start counting down to July 5th – on exactly that day, Anshar Studios’ Detached will come to the PlayStation VR platform and you will be able to experience the cosmos like never before. What does an astronaut feel during a spacewalk? Thanks to Detached, you can find out without getting out of your chair… well, almost, because the 360-degree freedom of movement and the ability to experience weightlessness will knock your socks off!

After the game’s debut on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Detached, developed by Anshar Studios, will appear on PlayStation VR on July 5th. The title on the Sony platform will be available for $24.99/ 24.99 EUR.

Detached has received great opinions from players who have appreciated the amazing quality of the graphics, excellent immersion and unprecedented freedom of movement compared to other games. Game developers set one main goal – to create a game aimed primarily at the most demanding players that expect extreme sensations from VR games.

Finally, all PlayStation VR users will have the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be in immeasurable space and experience a feeling that has been reserved exclusively for astronauts until now.

About Detached

The shuttle, Big Zoe, is the perfect place for scavengers looking for space scrap – no self-respecting brawler would pass on the opportunity. You’re unlucky though, because you’ve been left to fate; fighting for oxygen supplies and remnants of fuel. The only thing you can do is rely on the advanced modules of your EVA suit and move on, exploring the other areas of the abandoned space station. You must find life capsules at all costs, but that’s only the beginning of a hard struggle for survival…

Detached is an exploration VR game set in cold space, where you’ll have to use great tactics and skills to survive. Get ready for an extreme game, designed for VR devices!

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