Virtual Reality: The Next Step

I love games and gaming in all its diverse forms, and, along with many others, I also really enjoy having a bet or wager on the outcome of the games, either I am playing on, or on the outcome of a game.

Playing at online casinos has been a passion of mine for some time for a few good reasons. Sites like offer me a great range of popular games to choose from, and I can source them whenever and from wherever I want via my smartphone. This means I can enjoy a few minutes on my favourite slots when in my lunch break or settle down to an hour or so’s play whenever I feel like it.

I also enjoy the fact that I can take advantage of some pretty spectacular bonus promotions which help to boost my bankroll and the length of time that I can have a wager.

So, for me, the fact that VR headsets cover a broad range of prices means that the market is wide open and accessible. Also, the experiences we are offered are improving and that means that entertainment that is not specifically related to traditional gaming is also expanding.

For instance, it’s on the cards that virtual reality will soon let everyone attend the Super Bowl. That statement was made in February of 2017, and although it was a pretty dramatic statement it is also a reflection on how it could soon be possible for us all to enjoy live sports.

Blending the two options of viewing the sport on our televisions and actually being at the event just by strapping on a headset? The idea might still be in its infancy, but it will come and just imagine the potential when the breakthrough happens.

Digital Casino Gaming is upping the ante and as the virtual reality experience improve developers are working on VR casinos. The gambling industry continues to be pioneers of innovative ideas and new technologies and that has helped to make them one of the most lucrative industries about. Therefore, we can safely say that VR casinos will be highly entertaining, and popular.

Virtual Reality growth is also expected in the sports training area, and although training does not exactly fall under the umbrella of entertainment, there could be a blend of competition between the two. An augmented reality experience for the iOS device called AR Runner challenges people to agility drill and quick sprints, in competition with other users.

Now, what if that concept was taken further and was aided by VR in order to make training more fun?

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