Villains Europe Pricing Announced

NCsoft Europe can today reveal the dramatic pricing structure for City of Villains subscription rates. Purchasers of City of Villains and City of Heroes will be able to play both games for the price of one subscription fee – £8.99 (€12.99) per month.

Existing City of Heroes subscribers will therefore just need to purchase City of Villains to get complete access to both games’ worlds. For those who aren’t already playing, City of Villains or City of Heroes can be purchased and played alone – but as soon as one game is subscribed to, access to the other is for the same monthly fee, after the initial purchase.

"We know that many City of Villains players will be existing City of Heroes players who are essentially playing in order to access another aspect of the universe they have grown to love," says Thomas Bidaux, Director of Products, NCsoft Europe. "We wanted to find a solution that would look after existing players, offer tremendous value for money and also encourage new players to investigate the world of City of Heroes. This is that solution."

"Both games can be played on their own and will provide satisfying and exciting online adventures," said Jack Emmert, creative director for Cryptic Studios, "By keeping the cost to £8.99 (€12.99) for subscribers to both games, we are encouraging players to use all of the functionality we built into the games. We created a heroes game and a villains game and we figured it is a lot more fun to have good guys and bad guys tangle without charging double for the opportunity to do so."

City of Villains will provide players with a chance to play the "bad guy" in the comic-book inspired world created by Cryptic Studios. Take on the role of super-powered villains and create your own character using thousands of power and costume options. Then battle heroes and become a true menace to society while plotting your way to world domination.

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