Amiga Forever 2005 Ships

Cloanto released today Amiga Forever 2005, the official Amiga emulation, OS, connectivity, history and support suite, now featuring 20 GB of software, data and videos
to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Amiga computer.

Previous versions of Amiga Forever included more limited multimedia content on a single CD. After almost two years of work, the new Premium Edition version features more than five hours of "must-see" videos on two professionally-authored dual-layer DVDs.

All versions of Amiga Forever include Amiga OS 1.3 and 3.X files that make it possible to run "Classic" Amiga software (including thousands of legally-downloadable games, demos and other Amiga applications) on any PC, with special support for the Windows platform, but also compatible with Mac OS X and GNU/Linux systems.

On the software side, the new version makes use of XML-based technology to more easily download, install and run
Amiga games and demos, more of which are now also included in the package itself. Amiga Forever 2005 introduces several changes that will make the transition to Windows Vista as smooth as possible (and it already runs fine on the latest beta, too), especially if the Amiga emulation and OS are hosted in an environment that does not have administrator privileges.

But Amiga Forever is not just about games and videos: professional users will for example appreciate the improved SCSI-passthrough functionality and drivers, a feature that is missing even in high-end "virtual systems," and that aims to assist in the recovery of old data that may otherwise have been considered lost.

Last but not least, the Premium Edition features the new "Boing" decals, which Cloanto originally introduced with the launch of Amiga Forever 1.0 in 1997. The new epoxy dome decals are printed in three colors on brushed metal, and, by popular
demand, will from now on be included in every package.

At the same time, the Amiga Forever web site at just went live with over 200 new or
updated pages. The site includes additional information about the different versions, including screenshots, technology tutorials, links to game and demo download sites, and much more.

As always, the Amiga Forever Team at Cloanto would like to thank the Amiga Community for its support over the past 20 years, which made everything possible, from the first steps developing software for the Amiga, to this new version of Amiga Forever.

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