Vehicle Crafting and Combat Game Crossout Announces New Content and Events

Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the Mr. Twister content update in the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat online game Crossout. Players are getting the new battle mode called Judgment Night, with twelve unique armored vehicles wielding guns, rockets and superpowers fight to the death in the Dead City’s arena to receive prizes from the mysterious Mr. Twister. The event will be available until December 14th.

Judgment Night is a PvP mode in which players take a break from crafting their own armored vehicles Crossout-style and focus on simply destroying opponents with pre-assembled machines of war. The battle rules are also unusual for Crossout: Mr. Twister has placed bonuses on the map like ammunition, rockets and mines, accelerator fuel or a repair kit. By destroying enemies, players fill a special gauge that opens up access to super powerful abilities and weapons, such as a demolition drone, a Tesla emitter, an automatic flamethrower, and fire barrels launcher. In this mode all vehicles can also dash left and right to dodge enemy missiles. Getting killed does not stop the fun here, as players immediately respawn on the same or a different vehicle. The winner is the one who destroys the most enemies in the allotted time.

The new Mr. Twister season pass also launches, with some tasks meant for the The Judgement Night mode, while others could be completed in the classic Crossout modes. The rewards include cosmetic items, more options for choosing an armored car in the Judgment Night mode, and other content.

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