Vae Victis Patched

Paradox Interactive today announced the release of a downloadable patch for Vae Victis – the expansion to the critically acclaimed Grand Strategy game Europa Universalis: Rome. The new patch addresses a variety of issues and will further enhance the expansions offerings.

Access to the patch could not be simpler, with players simply clicking on the ‘check for updates' button via the game's menu screen. Once the patch has been downloaded and installed, the player will notice the key features of the patch that includes:

Civil Wars can no longer go on forever. The side that can hold the capital for six years wins, forcing the rebels to act quickly.

New interface look, depending on your culture.

Technology that matters; increased effects of research, and each new level always grants a bonus.

Rebalanced character loyalty and popularity system. Charisma affects popularity, and ruler popularity affects character loyalty. Watch out for unpopular rulers and heirs…

More interface improvements, with better tool tips and more messages with logical "Go to" buttons.

More intrigue at the court; monarchs can have bastards, and the heir apparent has never been more at risk…

Download the patch at:

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