Use Steam to the Fullest

Steam is your ultimate destination for PC games. Aside from providing access to countless titles for all tastes, the platform lets you communicate with fellow players and share experience. As a newbie, you may be confused by the many features included in the service. Here is a basic guide to the best use of the Steam client.

There are tips and tricks you can use to boost your gaming performance. You can buy skins on and items to enhance your favorite character’s look and strength. You can browse Steam forums to discover the best strategic recommendations from other players. You can even establish own Steam broadcasts. Here are a few useful ideas to consider.

  1. Choose Games Wisely

There are over 23,000 titles now available on the platform. The sheer abundance isimpressive, but it has a downside. You may feel overwhelmed and make the wrong choices, given the amount of low-end shovelware that has emerged over the past few years.

Follow the pieces of advice from Steam Curators. These are pros that produce lists of games and recommendations for them. Steam is a social network, so you may follow the players you trust. They will guide you towards the truly valuable stuff.

Another useful feature is the Steam Discovery Queue. This algorithm suggests games based on your library, qualities tagged by users, and your preferences submitted to Steam.

  1. Keep Your Library in Order

After a while, your library tab may contain more games than you are actually going to play. Arrange them into lists to make navigation more convenient. This is done by right-clicking on each game and choosing the Set Category option. Users may generate their own collapsible lists.

You may feel annoyed by a particular title showing up on the list. If you no longer wish to see a certain game in your library, you may hide it. It will be moved onto another tab, so you can pretend you never made the mistake of paying for it.

  1. Play with Others and Watch Them

Steam lets you generate a Friend List as any social network does. From there, you can see who is available and what they are playing at any given moment. Chat with your fellow players using text or voice. If a friend is currently involved in a multiplayer game, you may join their session through the Friend List.

Alternatively, watch other people play (any Steam user) by requesting to spectate, and let them do the same. Broadcasts may be public, for friends or by permission only.

  1. Wait for Sales

Typically, these are launched in mid-summer or closer to the holiday season. There are also shorter Halloween and spring sales, as well as weekends dedicated to certain publishers. You may fish for large discounts, which means that patience is important if you wish to save. Why pay now if you can get the same game for a third of the original price later?

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