US Marines Invade Kuma War

KumaWar, the revolutionary new online game service that allows players to experience re-creations of real war events weeks after they occur has released Fallujah Vigilant Resolve – its latest mission, based on U.S. Marine combat in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, Iraq.

Taking place in April, Fallujah Vigilant Resolve re-creates key events in the month-long campaign to flush out insurgents responsible for the murder of four American civilian contractors. The online downloadable game occurs as the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force makes its way into the heart of the city, attempting to throw a noose around heavily armed insurgents — including al Qaeda terrorists, Saddam loyalists, and other anti-American forces. Armed with M-16A2 assault rifles, players employ real-world techniques practiced by the marines, including improved fighting positions, sniper over-watch protection, fire-and-maneuver, and well-placed fighting holes to neutralize the enemy.

"Our key design goal is to provide authentic combat experiences within a game environment. It’s a powerful, emotional, informative presentation," says Kuma Reality Games CEO Keith Halper. "We also place these events in context with an original news show, wire service videos, intel packs, maps and satellite images, and interviews with decorated military experts. By giving players the opportunity to play online games based on real events, we provide a unique window into real war news."

Fallujah Vigilant Resolve features broadband video interviews with retired Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson (USMC, ret.) and Sergeant Dan Snyder, formerly of the Marine Corps Modeling and Simulations Management Office.

In the coming weeks, subscribers can expect to receive more missions that further explore the explosive situation in Iraq leading up to the June 30 handover of power, including downloadable game missions in Baghdad’s Sadr City and battling al Qaeda cells in the northern city of Mosul. The KumaWar online game service will also portray the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan and the historic conflict with Iran.

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