Unawake Reveals Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Developer RealityArts in partnership with publisher Toplitz Productions have revealed the new Alpha gameplay footage from Unawake, their highly anticipated first-person melee action game. The new combat gameplay footage revealed on the MIX Next showcase unveils an exclusive early sneak peek into its heart-pounding action and unrelenting combat.

The Alpha gameplay trailer is an adrenaline-fueled showcase of Unawake’s frantic combat mechanics and some of the supernatural enemy classes that await them. The new title developed by RealityArts Studio, which has already received several international awards and has won the Epic Megagrant three times, focuses on the battle against evil in a dystopian apocalypse.

In Unawake, players will decide the fate of humanity amidst the turmoil of merciless wars between nightmarish creatures from heaven and hell. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Unawake will incorporate crafting, intense combat, weapon customization and a huge range of enemy classes to go up against.

A skill-based progression system will allow players to enhance their abilities, craft potions and formulas to make various types of hand thrown bombs. Additionally, they’ll utilize thousands of different weapons such as swords, battle axes, maces, warhammers and more. Each weapon in the game has four different rarity levels: Standard, Magic, Unique and Ancient.

NPCs such as Healers, Armorers and Gamblers that the player encounters can be traded with, and will provide additional health perks, weapon repairs or crafting parts as well as the chance to score unique items.

“This glimpse into the combat gameplay offers an initial peek into our ongoing work on Unawake. Beyond this, the game holds a trove of unexplored intricacies in crafting, skill mastery, and leveling that we’ll be showing more of soon. As we continue to shape the player experience, we’re eager to unveil the strides we’re making,” revealed Ismail Kemal, co-founder of RealityArts.

Toplitz Productions will reveal more about the crafting, weapon customization and rarities as well as the active and passive skills aspects, and the story of Unawake in the coming weeks. More upcoming details and updates on Unawake will be given on its official Steam page.

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